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Hand-Held Jumping Harness System

The PRO-MOTION Hand Held Jumping Harness is completely adjustable to fit any skater. The same harness can be used with the Off-Ice Training System which is useful in teaching rotation technique and as a spotting mechanism for lifts. Designed and developed in Canada by a Master Professional Figure Skating Coach.

Hand-Held Jumping Harness System Hand-Held Jumping Harness System

This video shows the same jump with and without the Hand Held System

The PRO-MOTION Hand Held Jumping Harness System comes complete and ready for use with the following:
Three part anodized mast
Custom universal cross bar, rubber sling & sling cable.
Full foam grip handle
Fully adjustable skaters body harness
Off-Ice System pulley and beam cord
40 ft. high quality 3/8 in. rope (max. ceiling height 20 ft. - additional length available)
Instructional DVD and written instructions.
Attractive custom carrying case

PRO-MOTION Hand Held System
$1099 US Funds Plus Shipping
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Fishing for Better Jumps:  Get Your Jumps Faster and Safer
by Chris Conte
The Professional Skater Magazine - January / February 2007
3 pages, 863 KB, PDF file


On-Ice System

The PRO-MOTION Systems were developed because we, as skating coaches, wanted a device for use off-ice to teach skaters basic jumping fundamentals and rotation exercises. After the skater had a good understanding of the jump, we wanted a System for use on-ice that was easy for both the skater and coach to use. We wanted the coach to be able to determine the proper take-off curve and let the skater concentrate on the rotation and landing. The System that we developed is now in use throughout the world by beginners and world champions and is helping thousands of skaters. PRO-MOTION lets the coach assist the skater in doing the jump, therefore the physical strength of the coach is not an integral part of its operation. You will get results faster and with more consistency with the PRO-MOTION Systems because the skater feels the actual timing of the jump and not a false sense of being suspended in the air. Skaters can practice triples, quads and combinations anywhere on the ice surface.

Coaches around the world know that PRO-MOTION is an invaluable tool for teaching multi-rotational jumps. We know that you too will have good results.

Off-Ice System

The PRO-MOTION Off-Ice System was designed to teach skaters rotational techniques off-ice with or without their skates on. It is included with the purchase of the PRO-MOTION Hand Held System. It consists of a pulley and rope to be attached to a beam in a gym or at the side of the ice surface. The Off-Ice System uses the same body harness as the Hand-Held System. The coach can teach the skater the correct arm and leg positions in the air as well as correct landing technique. The Off-Ice System is ideal for spotting pair skaters' lifts. The coach can assist the male partner in lifting the girl and reduce the potential for injury to the girl while the pair is developing strength and balance.

Another PRO-MOTION System:     
The Pro-Motion GoldTrack-Mounted System.


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